July 5, 2016

11-year-old Makes Magic Happen

11-year-old Helene Rempel is making magic happen by turning aluminum pop can tabs into a wheelchair for a child in need.


Five years ago, when Helene Rempel was in grade one, she learned that 1-thousand pounds of pop can tabs can purchase a wheelchair for a child in need. Since Helene first started collecting pop can tabs, the price for aluminum has reduced by 50%.

And that’s why Ellice Recycle stepped up.

“We’re matching the donation" says Stephen Hay, General Manager of Ellice Recycling.

Five hundred dollars will be the total that Helene raised; it was $248 for her aluminum, and Ellice bumped it up to $500.

Congratulations, Helene!

Click here to see the full story of Helene's efforts on Chek News.