June 5, 2015

The Future of Point Hope

In 2014 with the desire to continue investing in the future of the shipyard, the Ralmax Group of Companies purchased, from the Province of British Columbia, the marine industrial property that Point Hope Maritime utilizes.   This investment was made in order to continue the expansion and modernization of the yard and its associated businesses.

Expansion plans include removing the United Engineering building from its current location in order to create a larger and more modern facility, fitting with the green design guidelines of the neighborhood, and improving the environmental standards in the process.  The new building will be placed in a more effective location towards the southwest end of the property, which will also enable the investment into additional spur lines to increase Point Hope’s capacity.

Based on demand, partnerships and future needs, Point Hope Maritime continues to work with relevant parties to investigate the opportunity to invest into some new equipment in the form of a potential graving dock which would enable the future servicing of vessels up to 150 meters in length and 30 meters wide.


Concept Drawings - for illustrative purposes only

Point Hope: Current Day

Point Hope: Phase One – relocation of United Engineering building and additional spur lines are added to increase the capacity of Point Hope.

Point Hope: Phase Two – 185-metre-long graving dock is added, allowing Point Hope to service larger vessels.